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Dental Bridges

Do you have a missing tooth, or a few missing teeth in a row?

Our dental bridges are designed to be durable and lifelike, flawlessly bridging the gap in your smile.

Alliance Dental in Encino, CA, works alongside a dental lab to create bridges that are indistinguishable from natural teeth.

Paying for Your Dental Bridge in Encino, CA

Alliance Dental wants tooth replacement options to be affordable for patients. We accept PPO insurance plans that may help cover the cost of your dental bridge. If you have out-of-pocket costs, we can work with you to create an in-house financing plan that stays within your budget and allows you to pay for your treatment in monthly installments.

Creating Your Custom Bridge

In practice since 1998, Dr. Soheil understands what it takes to create beautiful, healthy smiles.
In practice since 1998, Dr. Soheil understands what it takes to create beautiful, healthy smiles.


During your consultation with Dr. Soheil Amir-Moazzami, he will inquire about your goals, evaluate your oral health, and check your medical history to determine if you qualify for treatment.

Preparatory Procedures

If you're receiving a traditional bridge, our dentist will file down your abutment teeth to make room for the dental crowns. If you're receiving an implant-supported bridge, you will have to go through the dental implant placement process.


Our dentist will take impressions of your teeth to aid in the fabrication of a dental restoration that is comfortable and blends in flawlessly with your smile.

Dental Lab

Your impressions will be sent to a trusted dental lab where technicians will create a custom restoration color-matched to your natural teeth. The lab we work alongside is small and family-owned. They aren't happy with the final product until the patient is happy.

Secure Bridge

After two to three weeks, you will return to our Encino dental office where our dentist will check the fit and function of your bridge and secure it in place.

Making the Most of Your Dental Bridge 

Caring for your dental bridge is like caring for your natural teeth. Our dentist will recommend:


Maintain your oral health by brushing your teeth and bridge twice a day. Use a soft-bristle toothbrush and nonabrasive toothpaste that won't damage your porcelain bridge.


Floss between each tooth and use a floss threader under your bridge. Flossing the gums under your bridge is important because food debris can become trapped and allow bacteria to grow.

Visiting the Dentist

Be sure to attend twice-yearly checkups with your dentist at Alliance Dental. Dr. Soheil will keep an eye on your bridge and any dental implants and update you on their condition. With proper care, your dental bridge can last 10-15 years or more and your implants can last a lifetime.

Keeping Teeth Healthy and Beautiful in Encino, CA

Dr. Soheil believes good oral health is essential for overall well-being and strives to help his clients achieve their dental health goals in a comfortable and caring environment.
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Alliance Dental

Alliance Dental is a modern, patient-focused dental practice serving both Encino and Apple Valley, CA. We are dedicated to creating healthy, lifelong smiles for the whole family.  For more than 2 decades, Dr. Soheil Amir-Moazzami has been committed to helping patients perfect their smiles. Dr. Soheil is experienced in providing his patients with quality care in the following areas:

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