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Dental Crowns

Severe oral damage or decay can compromise health, cause major pain, and endanger teeth. 

A dental crown can provide crucial tooth protection, improve your bite, and enhance your health. 

The Valley visits Alliance Dental in Encino, CA, to receive custom-made crowns from elite dentist Soheil Amir-Moazzami. 

Our Encino Team Speaks Many Languages

The Valley is incredibly diverse. Our dental team speaks English, Spanish, and Farsi, allowing us to better serve our neighbors. We also have an office in the Inland Empire's Apple Valley. 

What Exactly Is a Dental Crown

And Why Is It Used?

A dental crown, sometimes referred to as a cap, is a restoration that completely covers a severely damaged or decayed tooth.  Crowns are so commonly placed because they provide invaluable protection and support to teeth that have suffered extensive trauma.

A crown can also be placed in combination with a dental implant to replace a missing tooth. A dental implant is a prosthetic post that mimics the function of tooth roots after being surgically embedded into the jaw. It can then be topped by a dental crown, for which it provides maximum stability and support. Dental implants also offer the added benefit of halting jawbone density loss that is caused by missing teeth. 

Crowns Are Restorative in Nature But Also Enhance Appearance

Covering a traumatized tooth with a crown can greatly beautify your smile. It is even possible to receive a crown for purely cosmetic reasons. For example, severely discolored teeth may not fully respond to even advanced teeth whitening. We can place crowns for purely aesthetic purposes if that is the right decision for you.

Why Encino Selects Dr. Soheil

Dr. Soheil

Extensive Experience

Dr. Soheil earned his dental degree from the world-renowned UCLA School of Dentistry. He then began practicing dentistry in 1998. He now has approximately a quarter-century of experience transforming smiles and lives with dental crowns and other procedures

Impeccable Manner

Our dentist is equally well-known for his charming chairside manner. He puts patients at ease throughout the entirety of the dental crown process thanks to his funny, affable, and easy-going demeanor. This helps his patients look forward to appointments instead of dread them. 

Request Your Consultation At Our Ultramodern Office

Our Encino office is brand new. This means you will receive dental crowns in an ultramodern setting outfitted with cutting-edge technology and designed with your comfort in mind. Our office is relaxing and anything but old-fashioned. We also pride ourselves on avoiding the stuffy dental office smell. 

Dental crowns made from porcelain are an immensely popular and effective procedure. To upgrade your smile, reach out to our stellar dentist to request your consultation at our beautiful office. 

(818) 386-1170

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5-Star Treatment for Our Patients Keeping Teeth Healthy and Beautiful in Encino, CA

Dr Soheil is the most knowledgeable dentist I've ever been, he and his staff ALWAYS take e tra care and expertise for each of my dental experiences. They are wonderful people and I would recommend to all I know. Thank you for your years of excellent dentistry and kindness Greg Reynolds, 5-Star Google Review, 2022

The Dental Crown Process

A crown made of porcelain can last up to 15 years. We'll custom-design your crown so it has the ideal shape, shade, and size to complement your smile.
A crown made of porcelain can last up to 15 years. We'll custom-design your crown so it has the ideal shape, shade, and size to complement your smile.

Personalized Planning

Dr. Soheil strives to ensure each patient receives individualized care. He will make sure a dental crown is right for you before commencing treatment. He will also refer you to his trusted network of physicians if you need dental implants or root canal therapy elsewhere before crown placement in Encino. 

Accurate Impressions

We take incredibly accurate impressions to ensure your custom-made crown fits to your teeth. These impressions are sent to skilled lab technicians who will craft your crown before sending it to us. 

Tooth Preparation

Dr. Soheil preps your tooth by removing a tiny amount of enamel so your crown will fit snugly. He will then place a temporary crown on the tooth. The temporary crown protects your tooth while you wait for the permanent one. A temporary crown also lets you eat and speak comfortably. 

Permanent Crown

It typically takes about two weeks for the lab to craft a new permanent crown. Once yours is ready, you will return to our office so Dr. Soheil can place it. He can even modify your permanent crown to make sure comfort and bite are optimal. 

Another 5-Star Review From an Encino, CA, Patient

Thank you Dr Soheil . This place has been a blessing. Lion, 5-Star Google Review, 2023

A Crown Can Prevent Serious Issues

Dental crowns are often necessary due to significant teeth damage and decay. If this damage and decay is left untreated, it can spiral into even more severe problems, like an elevated risk of infection and gum disease. 

Infection in the teeth can cause various problems, such as constant pain and chronic bad breath. Gum disease symptoms include gum swelling, gum recession, and loosening teeth. 

If gum disease and oral infections are not addressed, they can even endanger your entire body. They can cause respiratory conditions, heart issues, and a greater chance of diabetes. A dental crown can be placed after treating the tooth to stave off these potentially catastrophic problems. 

We Can Also Place a Crown Following a Root Canal

A root canal is performed to address a dental infection that has entered the interior of a tooth. After an endodontist has disinfected your tooth and removed the diseased tooth pulp, you can come to our Encino office so we can protect your tooth with a dental crown. 

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