Smile Makeover

Tooth discoloration. Chips and cracks. Crooked smiles. What do they all have in common?

They can all be addressed at Alliance Dental with a custom cosmetic dentistry treatment plan called a smile makeover.

If you're excited to love your teeth again, visit Dr. Soheil Amir-Moazzami and his caring Encino, CA, team for a personalized consultation.

A New Smile Awaits

You don't have to spend another year being stuck with smile insecurities — in fact, you don't have to wait another minute. Take charge of your confidence with a cosmetic makeover from Dr. Soheil, a trusted California dentist with more than a quarter century of smiles to his name.

Encino Raves About Our Smile Enhancements

"Thank you Dr Soheil!!! For all the work you've done for me  !! I would definitely refer Alliance Dental to anyone who needs work done !! His cares about the work he does and has been a relief to work with  Patience Quality of work clean office great staff  !! No complaints at all thank you !!!" Lion, 5-Star Google Review, 2023

What Patients Ask About Smile Makeovers

Why combine smile makeover treatments?

A single cosmetic dentistry treatment, like whitening, may not address all your concerns. Bundling procedures allows for more effective — and sometimes even more affordable — results.

How do you determine if I'm a smile makeover candidate?

Your candidacy will depend on your health, your goals, and your budget. If all three align, then our Encino dentist can work with you to create a safe and stunning smile makeover plan.

Can a smile makeover improve my health?

Yes. Though their main focus is aesthetics, a little-known secret about smile makeovers is that they can help improve your oral health, too. Our dentist commonly pairs in-house options like implants, crowns, and TMJ treatment with smile makeovers.

Have additional questions? Dr. Soheil can answer them all during a comprehensive smile makeover consultation at our dental offices in Encinco or Apple Valley. You can reach out online or call us at:

(818) 386-1170

From Encino to LA Patients Love Our Dentist

"Dr Soheil is the most knowledgeable dentist I've ever been, he and his staff ALWAYS take extra care and expertise for each of my dental experiences. They are wonderful people and I would recommend to all I know. Thank you for your years of excellent dentistry and kindness alliance dental." Greg Reynolds

Veneers Completely Transform Smiles

One of the most versatile components of a smile makeover is porcelain veneers. Our team invests in high-quality porcelain to create the most lifelike results. These shells go over lightly shaved front teeth, masking imperfections in size, shade, and shape. As you can see, the process is simple – and the results powerful.

Balance Aesthetics With Protection

Damaged or unhealthy teeth are common challenges that Dr. Soheil encounters when planning makeovers. With custom restorations like crowns or bridges, he can restore both the function and look of your smile. Each lifelike restoration is custom-made by a local lab.

Dental Crowns

Is your tooth broken or decayed? A dental crown can fortify your smile, preventing the need for a tooth extraction. It can also replace a missing tooth, when paired with a dental implant.

Explore Crowns

​Dental Bridges

Patients who are missing two to three teeth in a row can enjoy complete smiles with dental bridges. We feature traditional bridges, which are attached to natural teeth, as well dental implant-supported bridges.

Explore Bridges

Can I Preview My Smile Makeover Results?


Yes! To take some of the guesswork out, we proudly feature wax-ups and smile preview technology from's Tooth Booth. Wax-ups are models of your teeth made from wax, while Tooth Booth gives you a digital approximation of your smile. Available in select cosmetic cases, they can give you a good idea of your smile makeover transformation.

How Does Smile Makeover
Treatment Go?

Each smile makeover offers a unique combination of dentistry treatments, but you can expect the broad strokes to go like this.
Need a cosmetic dentist who understands you or your family? Our multilingual team makes it easy for patients who speak Spanish, English, and Farsi to get treatment.
Need a cosmetic dentist who understands you or your family? Our multilingual team makes it easy for patients who speak Spanish, English, and Farsi to get treatment.

Dental Consultation

Before we can begin your makeover, we want to get to know you. Our Encino or Apple Valley, CA, teams will welcome you into the office and listen to your needs. Because we truly care, we will not suggest a smile makeover unless it's genuinely right for you.

Dental Imaging

To set the foundation for your smile, our dentist and staff use dental imaging to capture the specifications of your teeth. This method allows us to plan well-fitted, color-matched restorations and other treatments.

Preparatory Care

For a healthy mouth, our Encino team can supplement your smile makeover with procedures like dental implants or TMJ treatment. Dental implants can replace missing teeth by anchoring custom restorations in place, while TMJ treatment can prevent further damaging effects from tooth grinding.

Restoration Crafting

Every detail counts when making natural-looking restorations — and we use a reputable lab to make sure you love your porcelain veneers, bridges, or crowns. They operate locally, so we don't need to spend extra time coordinating care across the country.

Smile Makeover

Over the course your visits, we will conduct your smile makeover procedures, like teeth whitening and veneer placement. The amount of time it takes to complete your makeover will vary, as we will only conduct your treatment plan in the safest order possible.

Patient Input

We care about your happiness. Patient input is a crucial step in the process — and if you're not happy, neither are we. Our team will work with you to ensure that you're fully confident in your new smile makeover results.

A Note on Our Lab Collaboration

Dr. Soheil's dedication to perfection extends beyond the doors of his Encino office. As he collaborates with the expert local lab that crafts your cosmetic restorations, he works hand in hand with their technicians to achieve the best results possible. 

He will not deliver a final product until he loves it and you love it. Sometimes he may even recommend that a patient visits the lab for color matching to ensure their veneers, crowns, and more will have the perfect tone to fit their new beaming smile.

A Team That Puts You First

"Excellent, can't say enough good things about the doctor and his assistant." Maanie Soofi

The Main Payment Information for Your Smile Makeover

To help you save on treatment, we can potentially bundle together procedures. Alliance Dental also accepts different payment options, like:

Insurance Acceptance

Visits to a cosmetic dentist are considered elective, and are rarely eligible for insurance. However, if Dr. Soheil performs treatments that can improve the oral health and functionality of your tooth, like crowns or TMJ treatment, they may be partially covered.

Typical Payment Options

Patients are welcome to pay using cash and major credit cards like Visa.


Cost can prevent patients from finding the smile they've always wanted. We want to make confidence affordable for as many people as possible, so we feature in-house financing.

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